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The Role and Benefits of Mobile Analytics in 2021

Mobile AnalyticsDismissing mobile analytics as a ‘nice-to-have’ could be hugely detrimental to the growth and commercial viability of your app. From boosting ROI to securing customer loyalty, the benefits of app analytics are vast – and, as the ever-growing app market becomes increasingly competitive, the insight that they provide could be the difference between failure and success.

What exactly are mobile analytics? 

Mobile analytics refer to the measurement and consequent analysis of data relating to your mobile application, and specifically the behaviour of that application’s users. 

To put a more exciting (but still entirely accurate) spin on it, mobile analytics give you the opportunity to dive deep into what’s working – and what’s not – for your users. It allows you to leverage those insights, and proactively improve results, rather than reacting and hoping for the best.  

Though the number of downloads is definitely important – not to mention reassuring! – what happens after a user downloads your app is what really matters – and this is where mobile analytics really come into their own.

Mobile Analytics

The Key Benefits of Mobile Analytics

Business goals: If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you. If, however, you have a clear direction of where you want your business to go, with well-defined objectives to support it, mobile analytics will help you get there faster, smarter and cheaper. 


Mobile analytics track progress: Analytics allow you to better understand what your users are doing, and how that relates to what you’re trying to accomplish –whether that’s leads, conversions, retention, or any other business goal. Crucially, they can also help to steer you in the right direction when results aren’t in line with your objectives. 


Help drive marketing ROI: Analytics helps you figure out which marketing channels provide users with the highest CLTV, where your audience really congregates, and what offers and messaging you need to be presenting them. App analytics also help you to drive ROI by getting high return from customers. 


Mobile analytics give you data that helps improve your app: App analytics show you where users are dropping off, or where friction points are in onboarding, plus a whole lot more. This extensive insight can help you to streamline and improve the user experience. Businesses can also use in-app surveys and ‘rate my app’ prompts to gain even further insight into their customer base and app performance. 


Engagement rate increases: App analytics are also a great way to help improve engagement levels when paired with a solid strategy. Though a recent study shared by Marketing Dive found that mobile ad engagement rose by a whopping 15% during the pandemic, the reality is that mobile ad engagement numbers have always been higher than other traditional forms of advertising. In fact, data from MediaPost showed that mobile consumers interact with native ads up to 60% more than they do banner ads.


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