We couldn’t find a React Native Analytics solution… so we made one.

Hey, we’re Forage! As a team of data-driven software devs, we were frustrated with the lack of React Native Analytics solutions that were available on the market. We knew what we wanted - so we figured there was no one better suited to build it! The result is Forage; a powerful analytics app that gives you game-changing insight and analysis into your React Native application.

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Why Forage? Why now?

As Spring 2020 took an unlikely turn and found most of us working from home, we became more reliant on powerful tools that could support us as a team of devs. But there was one key challenge for which we couldn’t find a solution; leveraging analysis from our React Native apps. Since we couldn’t find any tool that was up to the challenge, we decided to build our own; for devs, by devs. Cue a summer of after-hour working sessions, coffee-fuelled design meetings, and one very long conversation about one Very Important Squirrel…

...And the squirrel?

We wanted a brand mascot that truly reflected the characteristics of Forage; swift, clever, effective and just a little bit fun. Enter the humble squirrel; fast, practical, smart (and cute), the squirrel reigns supreme when it comes to foraging - and we don’t want to brag, but we think our app does a pretty good job of that too...

Our vision is simple: a powerful and intuitive analytics platform for your whole software team.

From developers and designers to product owners and analysts, Forage gives software teams the power to leverage the analytics of their React Native applications. Supercharge data-driven decision-making; identify and address issues in real time; and stay ahead of the patterns and trends that are shaping your React Native app.

Got an idea? We’re all ears
(and one bushy tail…)

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