Mobile Analytics made for React Native

Forage Analytics gives development teams powerful insight into all mobile app user interactions. Built from the ground up for React Native, it captures and stores limitless data and delivers responsive analysis, removing the constraints faced with other tools.

Designed with developers in mind

  • Javascript Level Crash Reporting

    Javascript Level Crash Reporting

    From the moment you integrate Forage, we track, prioritise and solve crashes with our Javascript-level crash reporting system. React Native is written in Javascript so your crash reports should be too.

  • Screen & Custom Event Tracking

    Screen & Custom Event Tracking

    Forage’s SDK has zero limits on-screen, events, and attribute tracking - giving you total flexibility and transparency of your users' activity.

  • User Funnels

    User Funnels

    Looking to increase conversions but you're lacking the insight to see where people drop off? Forage funnels allow you to discover users who didn’t finish a step or encounter a problem.

  • Performance Optimised Searching

    Performance Optimised Searching

    Post and track session patterns of any size. Use Forage to locate and analyse them by searching using your custom attributes, events or usernames.

  • User Device Specifications

    User Device Specifications

    Forage can identify a user device / OS and technical specifications from the minute it’s integrated, allowing you to prioritise the changes that affect your users.

  • Code Level Timers

    Code Level Timers

    Worried about performance in your app? Forage allows you to create timers within your code allowing you to track anything you want, from user journeys to API response times. This information allows you to further optimise your user experience.

We're trusted for a reason...

Our users trust us to drive powerful insight for their React Native applications, supercharging their decision-making with data-driven analysis. But don't take our word for it...

As a Product Owner, my main responsibility is to deliver value where it matters most. Forage helps me do just that by making our end user’s journeys transparent in an orderly, quantifiable fashion. This provides me with the targeted information I need to prioritise ideas, and to discover improvements.

Berend van Berijen Product Owner

Having used many other analytics packages with varying support for React Native. Forage is by far the best and easiest to implement. Within a few minutes I had it integrated into my app and could see the custom events coming through. The dashboard provides an amazing overview of how my app is performing with every new release!

Jacob Jones Mobile Developer

Post and track any
data - of any size

Track only the data you care about and use our tools to find the information you want and need. Forage Analytics will accept data of any type – and of any size – to ensure that you have the insights and understanding for every part of your application.

React Native Tools

Integrate your app in less than 5 minutes

React Native is the world’s most popular cross-platform programming language without a dedicated analytics platform, until now. Integrate your app in a few easy steps to start foraging through your data. Our package provides a library of tools and methods that allow you to track the data that’s most important to you and your development team.

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